There is a myth that wooden key cards do not work – let us explain this to you…

Firstly the technology in a wooden and plastic key card are the same it is merely the material that differs.

Cards using the older mag stripe locking system have found to be problematic which is actually a result of the card reader and a build up of dust/dirt in the reader and not in fact the card itself. Once the reader is serviced and cleaned regularly there is no issue.

However the RFID cards are more popular and we find a lot of hotel systems are updating to this technology.

The greenest alternative in terms of sustainability, wooden key cards also offer a distinctive appearance that is sure to amaze your hotel’s guests. All of our wood cards are backed by our 100% Performance Guarantee and are robust and reusable.

We provide wooden cards to our customers who want to switch from PVC to really eco-friendly alternatives. We provide a variety of wood material choices. Your key cards will have a particular hand-crafted appearance because each material has unique qualities of its own.

Our cards have an upscale appearance and add a little ‘je ne sais quoi’ to high end and luxury hotels.

wooden key cards


The advantage of picking wooden hotel key cards is that you have a lot of creative freedom with the style and layout of the cards. You may choose from a broad variety of wood kinds, ranging from the extremely light tones of bamboo to the deeper tones of mahogany. You may choose a colour or design that goes nicely with the rest of your hotel’s logo or colour strategy thanks to the variety of colours and designs available. The eco cards may also be sliced into any form, which increases their attractiveness as being extremely adaptable.

Strong & Reliable

In addition to being extremely attractive and making a wonderful impression, wooden hotel key cards are also quite durable and won’t easily shatter, bend, or break. You don’t need to worry if you’re concerned that wood might not be a good option since it can splinter. Modern technology is used to make hotel key cards made of wood, ensuring a smooth, sealed surface and finish around the edges with no worries about any pieces of wood splintering or chipping off. Even if one of the cards inadvertently gets a little wet, it won’t do any damage because they are waterproof.

Get in touch with Label Print if you think wooden hotel key cards might be a good fit for your company.

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