Toshiba B-SX5T Industrial Printer

Toshiba B-SX5T Industrial Printer

Toshiba B-SX5T Industrial Printer

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Product Description:

The TOSHIBA TEC B-SX5 thermal transfer / direct thermal printer extend the tradition of technical innovation of the TOSHIBA TEC high-class industrial printers.

They provide superior performance and reliability in a variety of industries including manufacturing, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, textiles, electronics & telecoms.

The B-SX4/SX5 are packed with advantageous features for the user, including:

  • high speed printing leading to increased efficiency and productivity
  • time-saving and minimal training due to fast and easy handling
  • reduced downtime and increased productivity as a result of high reliability
  • minimal repair and recovery costs, and maximised ROI during total life cycle
  • perfect readability of labels & barcodes due to built-in high quality print technology
  • supplied with Bartender UltraLite labelling software.


High-speed printing is of course the norm. But the overall throughput is enhanced by a fast 32 bit RISC CPU, 8/16 MB DRAM image buffer, and 4 MB Flash Memory for programmes and large data file storage. investment.

High Print Quality

Innovations include high-precision heat history control in seven stages, a new hyper-heater mechanism and improved alpha protection layer. The superb clarity is further enhanced by the new linear torque control of the Toshiba double ribbon motor system. The on-the-fly ribbon save function allows ribbons to be saved without a detrimental effect on throughput. The high-resolution Toshiba print heads also extend the print head life to up to 100 km.

Basic Command Interpreter

The BCI can run Basic programmes allowing the manipulation of incoming print data to generate the correct label formats. Thanks to this printers can be connected to existing legacy systems eliminating the need for costly software changes. The BCI can also communicate with external devices allowing the easy integration of other technology systems.


A field-proven heavy-duty steel cabinet and a robust inner mechanism combine to ensure the incredible reliability of the B-SX5. Several technological advances mean more performance and functionalities at a competitive price.

Enhanced Features

The enhanced functions offer many advantages including:

  • remote printing and technical support
  • less costly software integration thanks to
  • standardised XML data exchange
  • remote label format installation and
  • updating (web print spooling)
  • notification of errors and events
  • data manipulation and processing using the BCI.