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Compostable Labels | Biodegradable Labels

Compostable Labels | Biodegradable Labels

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Label Print are the stockists of wide range of Printing Labels in Ireland. Explore our compostable labels and biodegradable labels in stock suitable to your needs.

Our eco-friendly, biodegradable labels are perfect for people or companies searching for labels that are more considerate of the environment. These labels are the ideal option if you require labels for items whose packaging must be biodegradable. Premium adhesive labels that are recyclable, compostable, biodegradable, and wood-free (there are no trees used). These labels may be handwritten, printed using an inkjet, laser printer, or both.


Our labels are far more affordable than plastic from an environmental perspective. Plastic labels come very near to lasting forever, which is the issue because nothing lasts forever. Plastic that has been recycled is fantastic, but the vast majority of plastic is not recycled. The tale doesn’t end when plastic is found in your neighborhood river, ocean, or landfill. Plastic leaks harmful tiny polymers when it biodegrades, and when it rains, these hazardous polymers end up in streams, rivers, and the ocean. The plankton that consumes these small polymers then consumes larger fish, and so on. The polymers continue to release poisonous compounds into the fishes’ bodies rather than flushing out of their systems.


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Carbon Neutral Labels – 90% Recycled

Recycled Content Labels – 100% Recycled

Certified Compostable Labels – EN13432 Certified Face & Adhesive