Wooden Hotel Key Cards

Wooden Key Cards

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For hotels and resorts, Label Print has created eco-friendly key cards that are made of bamboo or wood, both of which rapidly biodegrade in the natural environment.

Label Print are the stockists of wide range of hotel key cards in Ireland. Explore our wooden hotel key cards suitable to your needs

Some upscale hotels prefer using wooden key cards over plastic ones because they are more aesthetically pleasing and environmentally beneficial. The most unique feature is that each card has a unique natural texture; two cards cannot share the same texture.

Additionally, you may laser engrave designs right onto the surface of the wooden cards or print vibrant patterns on them.

Making your key card out of such unique material, and even giving it a unique form, will undoubtedly wow your visitors.


Why Choose A Wooden Hotel Key Card?

All raw materials are sourced from commercially grown forests, with no thought given to increase environmental damage or deforestation.

Additional benefits of wooden hotel key cards are listed below:

  • Waterproof and compatible with the majority of lock systems
  • As robust as a PVC card, with more than 100,000 uses in typical circumstances
  • Easy to biodegrade, completely green, and without any environmental harm
  • polished for a sophisticated and refined user experience

Product Information:

We are currently introducing our wooden – environmentally friendly sustainable hotel keycards into the Irish market.

Along with helping to reduce your carbon footprint our wooden hotel key cards are :-

Product Features :

  • Durable, reliable and reusable,
  • Available in a wide range of wooden hotel key cards, from light shades of bamboo to darker shades of mahogany,
  • Customised to your own branding and colour schemes.
  • Supplied with magnetic stripes, RFID chips, barcodes and signature panels,
  • Fully compliant with ISO industry standards,
  • Compatible with most existing hotel locks and POS systems,
  • Non-disruptive when replacing current plastic cards.