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We stock a wide range of security seals and tags. Explore our Shipping Seals, Cargo Seals, Container Seals, Tamper Evident Seals in stock. 

Security seals play an essential role in protecting goods and produce whether in transit or storage. They are a one-time use product, designed to prevent and discourage theft and avoid product contamination. Security seals also help identify product and authorise entry into secure environments (hospitals, pharmacies, etc) protected areas (airside, document warehouses, etc), export and transportation of containers and goods. Available in plastic, galvanised cable wire and metal bolt seals.

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Security Seals & Tags Product

Tamper Evident Seals

Benefits of using seals

Protection: Security seals are one of the best ways to prevent tampering of goods while in transit. Once a seal is in place it will show evidence of tampering as they must be cut to be removed.

Easy to use: Installed on truck and shipping container doors/valves, storage boxes, pharmacy boxes. Simple to use and once in place remain secure, with the pull of the tail. With the wide variety of security seals, you can secure almost any project. 

Tracking and Identification: Security seals can be customised to your requirement. We can print numbers, barcodes, logos, and text. They are available in a range of colours, sizes and materials for requirement.

Why choose Labelprint to print your security seals?

With years of experience in our pocket and a large number of happy returning customers we strive to manufacture the perfect seal for your requirements. On initial contact we will send you a range of samples for you to test to determine what you want, from there we draft up artwork so the client can visualise the finished product before going to production. Some of our clients have reported that our seals are more durable, stronger and a superior quality than their previous suppliers.

Applications for Security Seals & Tags

Wheelie Bin Tags, Self Locking Angling Tags, Sea Trout Angling and Commercial Carcass Tags. Gas Meters, Electric Meters, Water Meters, Angling Tags, Gill Tags, Salmon Gill Tags, Cash Bags, Vehicle Doors, Trucks, Shipping Containers, Tankers, Ballot Boxes, Airline Trolleys, Emergency Equipment, Fire Extinguishers, Post Packages, Mail Room, Trailers, Rail Cars, ATM, Gaming. Confidential File Storage.

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