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We stock a wide range of barcode  & bartender label softwares, desktop, industrial and card printers from Toshiba,  shipping seals, cargo seals and more. 

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Direct Thermal Printing vs Thermal Transfer Printing:

Direct Thermal Printing

Direct thermal printing is an older more traditional form of printing, designed for lower cost copiers, receipt printers and fax machines that use coated paper containing the ink within the paper. Direct thermal printing works by printing text by heating parts of coated thermal paper. This type of barcode printing is ideal for products with short shelf-life requirements, as the labels are not designed to last for very long periods of time, and fade quite quickly in certain conditions.

Thermal Transfer Printing

Thermal transfer printing, on the other hand, uses a heat sensitive ribbon rather than chemically to print your text. The printing process involves melting a coating of durable, ribbon using the thermal print heads.

This is ideal for increased durability of labels with a longer shelf-life, and is therefore the most widely used barcode printing process in the world.


Users can print text, barcodes, images (both stock and imported logos, etc), tables and shapes on their labels. The printers come with both printer fonts and true type fonts as well as a wide variety of barcodes and the larger models also have 2D barcodes.

Why choose Toshiba?

As an agent for over 25 years we proudly stand over the Toshiba brand, the printers are durable and robust and absolute ‘work horses’. Some of the printers out in the field even in non-optimal environments have been in situ for 15 plus years and still going strong, in comparison to similar printers which would not stand the test of time.

With our knowledge and experience, we are very familiar with the printers and can therefore offer service contracts and maintenance.

Long Term Investment

Evolis printers undergo quality and compliance testing to guarantee their robustness and performance, so you can be sure that your investment will last. What’s more, Evolis offers an extended warranty option for added peace of mind.

Smart Label Printer benefits:

  • Faster Invoicing
  • Quicker shipping goods
  • Mail merge without the hassles
  • Flexibility to print on demand and colour-coded file folders
  • Print professional looking name and security badges
  • Organise records and folders
  • Ideal for Online Sales Warehousing and Goods Outwards.