Label Dispensers

Fixa-Label Applicator

No other conventional type label applicators ensure proper and exact labelling
like the Fixa Applicator series.

  • Strong, rigidconstruction with pressed metal dispenser system for high performance
  • Unique edge-sensoradjusts label stroke automatically for less setting up time
  • Speedy, accuratelabelling up to 100mm wide
  • Single stroketrigger action
  • Handles mostshaped labels
  • No special punchor slits required for feed
  • Min. core size25mm

Manual Label Dispensers - LR-80

A small economical manual label dispenser.

  • Roll width up to 80mm
  • Rigid metal construction
  • Free standing or wall mounted
  • No roll holder required, reels sit in the base of the frame
  • Min Roll Diameter 35mm
  • Max Roll Diameter 125mm

External Roll Holder - RH-500

A holder for large rolls of labels for Thermal Printers etc.

  • Roll width up to220mm
  • Rigid metalconstruction
  • Standard rollholder 70mm (other sizes available as an option)
  • Max Roll Diameter470mm

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