Cleaning of Evolis Card Printer

Evolis Cleaning Kit

You need to regularly clean your printer. This involves cleaning the printer’s feed roller and the card path to maintain print quality. This removes any residual dust found on the front and back faces of the cards before they are introduced into the printer.

Your printer is fitted with a cleaning warning system which is triggered after 1,000 cards have been inserted.
You should proceed with the routine cleaning of your printer as soon as the warning is displayed.
If you continue to run the printer despite the warning and if the warning light remains lit, the print head warranty will be automatically voided owing to a failure to comply with your contractual maintenance obligations after 1,200 cards have been inserted.

Step by Step Cleaning Instructions
To finish the regular cleaning operation, remember to clean the print head which is a fragile component of your printer. To avoid any damage to it:

  1. Open the printer cover.
  2. Remove the ribbon from the printer if present.
  3. Close the cover and check it has clicked shut.
  4. Open the feeder.
  5. Remove any cards present in the feeder.
  6. Using the gauge, set the card thickness to the MAX position.
  7. Peel off the film from a new adhesive cleaning card supplied by Evolis.
  8. Double-click the button on the control panel.
  9. Insert the cleaning card in the feeder, adhesive face upwards. Cleaning starts.
  10. The used adhesive card is ejected automatically into the output hopper. Open it and remove the used adhesive card.
  11. Put the ribbon back into the printer, then place some blank cards in the feeder and adjust the gauge to the appropriate card thickness.
  • Disconnect the printer before cleaning the print head.
  • Fully comply with the recommended cleaning cycles.
  • Always avoid the print head coming into contact with sharp or metallic objects.
  • Do not directly touch the print head surface with your fingers.

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